The Frame

We knew we wanted a timber framed house and after looking at a number of specialist companies we chose English Brothers of Wisbech. We were happy we could work with them, and they were also fairly local, which made it easier to go and talk to them when decisions had to be made.



They produced the detailed engineering design and handled all the building regs procedures for us. As they were not far away, we were able to visit the workshop and see the frame being made. This is one of our panels.


Although we could not afford a full oak frame, we ordered a few feature pieces. This is the main one, a king post truss, to go in the dormer over the front door. Here it is partially built, still with square edges.



Using traditional hand tools, Dave gives the truss its finishing touches



The finished truss, with a curved base beam and stop chamfered edges.



Some of our ceiling joists in the yard ready for delivery